Monday, 12 September 2011

Any Love is Good Love

So here it is, our track for the Any Love is Good Love compilation M has been compiling with Ste McCabe.

Ten Tigers - Any Love is Good Love

There are 19 tracks covering many different styles, including riot grrl, lo-fi, dance, indiepop, spoken word, and some things we don't have names for. The idea of the CD is to get people talking about homophobia and transphobia, which are somewhat hidden issues in our society.  Sure, we are now seeing more gay characters on TV and it's not such a taboo as it used to be, and with civil partnerships there has been a move towards making 'gayness' more mainstream and visible.  But jibes based on sexuality are commonplace, in a way that racist jokes (thankfully) are not. Violent attacks against gay or trans people seem to be hitting the news every day - on one hand, at least they are being reported, but we really aren't going to settle for such low achievements.  Ten Tigers believe that everyone has a basic right to be an individual, and that they should not have to defend that right to anyone. We are all made up of thousands of different elements which make us unique, and to single out one facet of a person and treat them badly because you don't understand it is a complete waste of the opportunity you had to meet the rest of them.  It is everyone's responsibility to challenge prejudice, and not just to get angry but to sit down and talk with people about where their negative feelings and actions are coming from.  If these topics are never discussed, then how can we expect kids to grow up feeling at ease with them? Things which are kept secret seem alien and threatening to us all. There will always be people who feel that homosexuality goes against their religious beliefs, or that it is a world they would rather avoid, but there doesn't always have to be people who carry around so much anger that they feel the need to take it out on others.  We need to get everyone talking and diffuse the aggression.  Homosexuality, bisexuality, transgenderism....these things are not bogeymen, waiting to leap out and attack.  They are just realities that some people live with.  Historically they have been dirty secrets, scandals, crimes, mental diseases. We can't expect the whole world to suddenly flip from these memories and think in a new way.  But we can start the tap dripping.

Who's with us?


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